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New Digital Illustration

I've just created and finished a caricature drawing of Steve Buscemi.



Checkout My Youtube channel. Full of all sorts of goodies that didn't make it on the site. Lots of test animations and basic film/video/animation experiments... and some just crazy stuff:

Totally Rad Show

Check out this weeks episode of the Totally Rad Show, in which I am featured as the background artist.
episode 74

An image of the background can be viewed here.


Due to a recent flood in spam comments, the comment section has been removed and proper actions are being taken to prevent this from happening in the future.

Also the site is going to go through an update in the near future. so if you have any pages bookmarked they will become unlinked once the update happens. I'm updating to a new version of Drupal, and implementing some new features (few custom ones) which will better organize the site. It appears that I have a habit, every year I overhaul the site. soon ill have it better managed where it wont break the site. ;)


New Digital Illustrations

New Images in the Digital Section.

Video Issues

Due to the recent announcement that Stage6.com is to be closing down as of Feb 28th. The high quality videos on this site will be removed temporarily, till a new solution is discovered. Hosting locally on this domain is an option, but can not compete with the services Stage6 provided. A sudden loss in quality or download time is to be expected in light of this change.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may bring to your experience of Junk-Drawer-Mind.com

~Curtis Lawrence

3D Image Gallery Updated!

12 new images uploaded to the 3D image Gallery.

Game Download: Minja Adventures Tech Demo

Visit the Downloads for more info on the game.

Sorry for the Errors

It looks like someone (myself) made a bo-bo on the site without knowing it. only after the cache was cleared in my browser did i realize the site was down. on little mistake took the whole site down!

Once I saw the error I realized what it was and fixed it... no biggie.

All apologies, but thus is the nature of the internet.


Work Process

I've never been sure why, but I always get my best work done between the hours of 12am and 6am, that solid 6 hours of work brings forth some of my better creative streaks.
I may have realized why this evening. Despite my attempts to get this flow during "normal" hours of the day I always end up doing something else. Cleaning, taking care of the dog, getting basic chores done or talking with a friend.

During the late hours of the evening, I'm alone. No outer distractions, or influences. Its been more than a year since I had this much creativity.
I'm a life long sufferer of insomnia. But once I got my last job I had to forcefully break the cycle. This in turn broke my creative cycle. No longer up past 10-11 removed the prime creative time.

This creative streak will be reflected here in the site. As soon as i figure out where to put my scanner i will start the upload some new sketches. I'm also 25% done with a mini project that became something larger: I got bored and started to model (in 3dsmax) stuff laying around my desk (thats a lot of crap!). Suddenly I'm working on an entire scene of my desk. Still have lots of small objects to work on, and blocking out the scene.


All thanks to insomnia!

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