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3D Image Gallery Updated!

12 new images uploaded to the 3D image Gallery.

Game Download: Minja Adventures Tech Demo

Visit the Downloads for more info on the game.

Sorry for the Errors

It looks like someone (myself) made a bo-bo on the site without knowing it. only after the cache was cleared in my browser did i realize the site was down. on little mistake took the whole site down!

Once I saw the error I realized what it was and fixed it... no biggie.

All apologies, but thus is the nature of the internet.


Work Process

I've never been sure why, but I always get my best work done between the hours of 12am and 6am, that solid 6 hours of work brings forth some of my better creative streaks.
I may have realized why this evening. Despite my attempts to get this flow during "normal" hours of the day I always end up doing something else. Cleaning, taking care of the dog, getting basic chores done or talking with a friend.

During the late hours of the evening, I'm alone. No outer distractions, or influences. Its been more than a year since I had this much creativity.
I'm a life long sufferer of insomnia. But once I got my last job I had to forcefully break the cycle. This in turn broke my creative cycle. No longer up past 10-11 removed the prime creative time.

This creative streak will be reflected here in the site. As soon as i figure out where to put my scanner i will start the upload some new sketches. I'm also 25% done with a mini project that became something larger: I got bored and started to model (in 3dsmax) stuff laying around my desk (thats a lot of crap!). Suddenly I'm working on an entire scene of my desk. Still have lots of small objects to work on, and blocking out the scene.


All thanks to insomnia!


Flash Gallery up,


Image Gallery


The gallery
is in fact working, If you quickly switch between galleries within 60 seconds it floods the
CPU and causes the site to go down for a minute.

This also applies if more than one person is viewing the gallery, ive clocked it to be about 5-10 viewers bring it down if they access within the same minute.

this is a huge user interface error and I am working on a fix. so please be patient and understanding during this development process.In order to maintain
the images on the site, ive left the defective gallery module active
till I have time to figure out whats causing this problem.

If You come across a "this account has been suspended" please come back after a minute to see if its calmed down.

Again, im sorry for any inconvenience

Technical Difficulties

UPDATE: Gallery is now up and running

Well the image gallery has been taken down due to the fact there was a bug in the plug in (the same one i was having issues with before) that caused massive CPU usage. That caused the site to shut down for a few minutes if i edited the gallery in any way. or even viewed the gallery.

the images are still on the server, just not visible for the time being, hopefully in a few days ill have this sorted out

Learning Curve

Whilst updating the site I have come across many obstacles. Many were either too large to figure out or something not to waste my time with... In the past I have in the period of a weekend learned Action scripting. In retrospect isn't that difficult of a language. The language is pretty fluid and the "rules" are easily bent to meet requirements. Now PHP is another story.

I learned HTML by accident then the CSS rules just to keep up. PHP is something I have avoided due to the fact I wouldn't really use it all that often because I'm not a web developer. PHP was one of the obstacles that i either had to get through or ignore.

So guess what I've been doing the past 2 days? Yep, learning PHP to fix two lines of code! TWO LINES! It was worth it, because now the gallery images are all scaled properly. I had to fix the Brilliant Gallery module for Drupal. it was just the matter of figuring out how PHP worked.


Still Under Development

Please remember the site is still under development, features that appeared to be a good idea may have less functionality than previously thought. With this being the case things will move around, or be removed completely if its not functional.

Having the site closed during development wouldn't be wise because only through use can I figure out what is working and what is not. If you find links pointing to a dead page, don't hesitate to email me or leave a comment.

Many Late Nights

Getting back into animation/art has been a tough operation. currently surviving only on my savings account and my last pay check. Luckily I got to redeem my personal hours; which I had never used for for the entire time I was employed.

Trying to come up with ideas and projects after 2 years without touching art has been extremely difficult. The inevitability of running out of money is quickly approaching, and the acceptance i have been out of the loop for 2 years while the industry advanced 10 fold is depressing. Added to this I need to find a job to pay bills, and thats taking time out valuable project time.

But alas, I am resilient and always find ways around anything that may be blocking me. Now I have to get around the fact I'm out of date and burst into the industry with stile.

Daily work updates will follow so I have something to work towards preventing me from shrugging off a days work.

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