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Vin Diesel Image + link to source

If you came from Google Images, I'm sorry but the image of Vin Diesel is no longer here. The main reason for this is that its not my own image and I do not own the copyright, but since it was for development of my portfolio, it remained up because I did do some photo retouching and correction.

This image I used for practice had become the number one Google image search results! I was bombarded with 1000+ links to that image daily. People were using it for MySpace and other networking sites around the world according to my website stats. This sudden flood of traffic was a surprise. "Could people really be that interested in my portfolio!?" no, they were looking for images of Vin Diesel.

Almost 100%

The site is live and near completion. Though the content will never reach a "done" phase the general presence is what I'm going for now. As you can see i don't have any videos up in the gallery, those will be up in a couple days. I have to figure out a nice way to upload the videos. I've narrowed it down to 2 choices

Youtube is nice and all. but the quality is horrible.

Still Alive

I'm Still Alive!

Yes, the time has come for the site to evolve. sure i may be an hour or two past the personal deadline i set. Thats still pretty good.

Whats New:

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