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2007 Reel v0.1

First edit of the 2007 reel.

Suave Gummy Bears

Though the renders weren't to my liking, I decided to cut what I had rendered together into a short music video featuring music by AA.Kurtz. The final project will be longer and most likely feature a personal composition.

Animated Pinpressions

This iteration of the small pinpression project I've been working on was a success. As previously stated I was working on a way to easily animate the impression that didn't involve hand aligning each pin.

A tutorial will follow explaining the process.


Self portrait within a 3d version of a Pinpression/Pinboard/Pinhead. 2640 pins hand aligned to a 3d face. This is a prototype for a future project. Developing a faster more efficient way of using and animating the pinboard impressions


Version A

Version B

>>View High Quality Here

INFO: These animations were done using the LoMax rig for 3d studio Max. This was animated shortly after downloading the rig and experimenting with its functionality. I still like using my own custom rigs, but this was a pleasant surprise in functionality. (Audio from "40 Year Old Virgin" and Contains brief Mature Language)


>>View High Quality Here

INFO: I had to write an essay for a Psychology class about a topic of choice. I wrote my essay on Neurotoxins, then last minuted decided to create a video accompaniment to my presentation which wasn't as much of an aid but more of a grand finale. Due to its "last minute" nature I didn't have the time to finalize or edit much leading to its lacking quality and unpolished animation.

Demo Reel 2005

>>View High Quality Here

INFO: Demo Reel Produced for graduating year 2005 from Art Institute of Seattle as part of a Portfolio Presentation. The overall portfolio theme was i was a traveling salesman with a large traveling trunk displaying 'product' (my art). Inside the trunk was scattered prints of my portfolio material. Accompanying the trunk theme I wore an outfit; sky blue suit, pink pinstriped shirt, red/black tie, black suspenders, slick comb-over and fake glasses. The whole mood had a warm yet dark feel. Soft browns and reds were the overall color scheme with the blue suit standing out against the mellow colors of my portfolio and the dark lit room. This did draw quite a bit of attention. All this going on while a DVD with this video played in a small portable DVD player.

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